About me

This blog is on my life with podencos and other experience with dogs. It is a compilation of articles I have written for specific publications, for animal rescue organisations or specifically for this Website, some in English, most in German.

For many years, I have been sharing my life with podencos of different kinds. Podencos are the predominant hounds in Spain, and they come in various sizes and coats, depending on the region respectively the terrain (and the type of prey) they are bred to hunt on.  What they all have in common is the lack of black pigments, large prick ears, white tag, enormous jumping and climbing capabilites and, of course, a great hunting urge and potential. They are hard to control outdoors, but the most pleasant pets at home. Well, once they have learned to respect your personal property and limits that is ;-).

My podencos are rescues from Spain, where for years I have been involved with finding new homes for discarded Podencos and other dogs. I have so far fostered more than 100 dogs at our house in Cologne, Germany.

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